If you’re looking for a healthy source of protein, some argue that GMO beef can do the trick but I have a reason why you should pay the extra dollar for real, organic beef. As a beef grower I take good care of my cows, and love, I believe, and scientists agree, goes deep into every cell of the beef you are eating. A lot of GMO cows are fed bad chemicals that go into the meat, replacing my love with traces of poison that could add up into your own cells over a lifetime.

organic beef vs GMO beef

After all, GMO is so new that we don’t really know the long term effects yet, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. You could say this about many things, but I honestly fear what the long-term effects of GMO foods might have, especially for our children who grow up eating them in their baby food. GMOs are modified cells that in turn modify our bodies and our digestive system when we eat them.

I guess my strongest argument here is that we know organic beef is safe because people have been eating it for thousands of years, but we’re not yet sure if GMO beef is safe, so taking the risk is up to you. My hope after all this is that GMO beef is safe and that there’s nothing to worry about. But we won’t know this until we have a few generations of people that come and go without harmful effects. Good luck out there!

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Why Organic Beef is Better than GMOs