Quality beef to us has little to do with taste and texture per se, but rather how the beef is grown. Many people who don’t specialize in growing beef attribute flavor with salt more than the beef itself anyways, and I’ve heard people say McDonald’s beef is good… so where do we begin?

There are articles on beef you can read, like this one, and we just want to talk about our opinion, nothing scientific. For us at Top of the Mountain Beef, we enjoy a meat that’s been grown with love from a happy cow that lived a full life. We can almost taste the happiness when the cow died happy. And we like it that way. Now don’t get us wrong, we believe humans were made to eat meat but that doesn’t mean we condone the evil practices of non-organic meat distributors.

The easiest way to explain things is just to invite you to go to your local organic butcher, if your city or town has one, and try a portion of organic meat grown without chemicals. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

What Quality Beef Means to Us
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