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We have one of the largest horse trailers in town for our ranch, because we’re old school in the sense that we still use horses for lots of menial tasks like visiting the market and farming. Upcoming in 2020 we’re invited to a private rodeo in a country house club because our breeds of horses are well known among certain online communities where we post pictures. Today we want to talk about how excited we are about this upcoming rodeo because we want to show off what quality rearing can do to make strong, healthy horses.

We’ve decided that instead of using our own truck which is kind of outdated we’re going to hire professional long distance towing to let our horse trailer reach Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada and we’ll be driving right behind it in our family van. If you’re interested in attending this rodeo, it’s invite only but we might be able to work something out so please get in touch with us via email for details. Just a warning though the entry fee is rather hefty, and it lasts for a week. Big names from Europe will be there.

Why Choose Towing for the Saskatoon Trip?

Like we said, our truck is rather outdated because we use horses for most things and we don’t want it to overheat on the road after hauling the horse trailer for too long. We already assumed that there’s a good chance we’ll need to hire towing services once we’re close to Saskatoon so we decided to do the whole trip in a tow truck, choosing a company a good friend recommended from the area. The price is hefty, but the money we’ll be getting paid for featuring our horses in the rodeo will pay it off many times over so we can’t complain.

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So that’s why we’re using a Saskatoon towing company. They agreed to drive out to us if we pay them in advance, otherwise if we used a towing company closer to our home they’d have to drive all the way back here after and we plan to sell a lot of the horses while we’re in Saskatoon so we hopefully won’t need towing services on the way back. Renting a truck might do for the return trip. For the trip there, our horse trailer is also super large so we need a heavy duty tow truck which our local hometown doesn’t have much of at affordable rates.

Overall, the family is super excited and we scheduled to take just over a month away from work so the whole family can come. I literally can’t wait, which is part of the reason why I’m sharing all this with you today. I spent so much time thinking this all over and now the plans are finally in place after much stress. Well, the stress is gone now and there’s nothing left but to realize our dreams. Selling horses can be a lucrative trade and honestly we’re sad to see them go but they’ll have good homes where they’ll be put to good use and our efforts in rearing them won’t go in vain. We have way too many horses on our ranch to use them all and so they might be happier being of service to loving owners.

Thanks for being interested in our little adventure and don’t forget to get in touch if you want to try and go to the private rodeo. The country club house that’s hosting it is very private so you probably won’t hear about this in much sources. If you live in Saskatoon and know what I’m talking about, we look forward to meeting you there!

From the whole family, God bless and stay healthy!

Towing Our Horses To Saskatoon for a Rodeo