After a harsh break up, when you feel you’re no longer loved, love can be the greatest thing you crave, and you’ll do anything to get it. Sometimes, you’ll do things that don’t actually give you love but only reminds of you of what love used to feel like.

Before I get started, you should know that this blog post is a little extempore and a far cry from the topics I usually discuss. After all, I’m in the beef production industry. With that mentioned, I feel I have enough experience in love to talk about it, and I don’t think there’s enough people talking about it to young adults to begin with, especially people in rural areas who work on beef farms and ranches like me. So here goes nothing!

If you’re still coming of age and haven’t experienced what love feels like, I mean “true love“, then I’m going to offer some things that will give you hints of what to look for when the love you feel in the future is real and not phony.

5 Things to Get a Hint of What True Love Feels Like if You’re Still Coming of Age

coming of age romance
  1. Watch romance movies.
  2. Listen to podcasts about love.
  3. Read coming of age fantasy books. (Great resource for that: )
  4. Ask your parents or older people you look up to.
  5. Go on a date!

The fifth point is my favorite one. With today’s dating apps like Tinder and Plenty of Fish, it’s easier to find a date then ever. But, then again, I recommend finding a date the old fashioned way. For example, if a girl working at the movie theater is a attractive to you, or the guy working in the grocery store, it never hurts to offer them a free meal. What I used to say to potential dates when I was coming of age, long before I worked in the beef industry, is “I feel like a nice meal. Do you?” or something like “Wow, it’s hot outside. Do you care to get some ice cream with me?”

Even people that are coming of age are smart enough to know these questions are offers to go on a date, even if you’re so awkward that you somehow listen to yourself say “this isn’t a date” out loud. These experiences will slowly build up your confidence, and after the third time of asking someone out on a date in person you’ll wonder why today’s kids are so cowardly that they need an app to do it.

End Note

Stay tuned for my most recent update on my trip to Saskatoon! It was amazing, and I’ll have a lot to day.

To Be Loved – A Gift of Coming of Age