I promised I would talk about my Saskatoon trip, but I won’t be doing that today. I have something more important to talk about than a pleasure cruise across Canada with horses. In the past week, I’ve had to deal with a pesky pest that’s been damaging my roof shingles for years: moss growth!

Indeed, moss is a wonderful part of nature and looks splendid in its environment, but I was starting to get roof leaks and now I know why. I never thought the beautiful moss on my roof could be so harmful to my home until I did my research. I’ve since learned the best way to treat a roof moss problem and want to share it with you all for anyone else who might have the same problem.

I found that the best way to clean your roof of moss is actually with a wire brush. We don’t have many roof cleaning companies out here in my way so I had to call some experts in Vancouver for tips. Wire brushes seem to be the best method because you can do it yourself, it’s affordable and it’s also a good work out. It took me four hours to scour my roof of all moss clumps with a wire brush and now my roof shingles look brand new again. The roof cleaning Vancouver expert over the phone told me I’m also supposed to spray a special solution onto the roof to prevent the moss from growing back but I’m fine with just being all-natural and cleaning it myself next time it grows too much.

That’s another Spring house chore solved for the spring. I feel good about it because I’m sure the work also raised the value of my home by a substantial amount. Next thing I got to do is clean the gutters and windows, but fortunately we do have companies in my area that can do that for a low cost so I won’t need to get my hands dirty with that. Nonetheless, my hands are still dirty tending to the beeves and horses.

Such is life!

Getting Moss off Your Roof the Right Way