It’s been over a year now, but the success we had in Saskatoon selling our horses at the rodeo is still hard to believe. We managed to sell our horses for much more money than expected because apparently “there’s none like the one’s [we] breed over here at Top of the Mountain Beef. I’d disagree because I saw many wonderful horses in Saskatoon during my visit, but I’ll accept the compliment nonetheless.


Not only did we sell all our horses for more than we expected, the towing service we got to get all the horses there was much cheaper than we expected, and so we were laughing on our way home. But that’s not the part of the trip I’m most pleased about. The greatest thing was the rodeo itself. We had so much fun there, it was the best rodeo I think I’ve ever been to or ever will go to. I mean it. It was amazing. Everyone was nice, the food was delicious and we made many new friends.

We plan to go again to the same rodeo once social distancing is over. Many rodeos have been cancelled across Canada but we can’t complain because we’re so impressed with the nation’s cooperation to stem the pandemic. We have no doubt that there will be many enjoyable rodeos to visit in the future and so we look forward to the future more than ever before.

Thanks for tuning in to our update. I know I could have posted this a lot sooner, so thanks for your patience. We never thought our blog would have as many readers as it does so it’s an honor to write for you guys. Cheers!

Finally, the update to my Saskatoon trip you’ve been waiting for!