Hello folks, we’d like to kick off the new revamping of our family blog with a dedication to late grandma Kimberly. God bless her soul, she was a powerful woman who loved the ranch life more than any other person on this planet. Here’s a poem she wrote in 1969. We still have it framed in the den next to her 1980s wedding photos. Show grandma Kimberly some love and share this poem with your friends, folks!


Ranch Life by Mrs Kimberly

“The birds sing of the ranch life

of the farmer and his ranch wife.

Singing through the treetops

as Larry reaps the last crops.

His wife milks the cows away

in the barn humming away,

a tune about the ranch life,

of being Larry’s ranch wife.

It’s a life she dreamed of,

a life fit for no dove.

No lady with supple skin

makes a basket of a rusty bin,

but Larry’s tough ranch wife.

She loves the tough ranch life.”

A Poem My Grandma Wrote and Had Framed in the Family Den