Upon feeling like writing after my long, happy day off work, which I just made a post about, I thought, “Hmmm, what should I write about now?” Then I was like, “I know! My tow truck driving friend plans to visit from Kitchener, ON, CA soon and I want to make this post like a post card for him, welcoming him over.”

Now, I can talk about all the things I’m excited to do with him, and he can read the list and tell me what he agrees to. I know he drives a tow truck full time so he probably won’t want to do much driving. I also know he has yet to learn how to ride a horse so maybe I could teach him the ropes, or the reins I should say!

friend visits from kitchener on

So, here’s to you, Ralph! Cheers, and let me know if any of these things sound fun to you, because, after all, we’ll have a few weeks together.

  1. Learn how to ride a horse and maybe go on a trip through the country.
  2. Tour the local villages and hit up all the garage sails (I’ll drive, of course).
  3. Go golfing.
  4. Play frisbee with the kids.
  5. Decorate for Halloween.
  6. Go fishing.
  7. Visit the theater and watch a live play, or maybe opera!

Maybe he could also make a list and I can choose what sounds fun. Either way, I’ll have to make an update post for how our time together was. He’ll be leaving right before I head off to the Saskatoon rodeo.

More About My Friend Ralph…

Ralph is my age, and we were friends ever since elementary school. I don’t know if I ever shared this but I had a few bullies in elementary school and Ralph was the one who protected me and got the bullies to leave me alone. I remember after high school graduation I was so sad to see him move away, but he left to continue his father’s business operating a small grocery store in Kitchener, ON, CA. Later in life he decided to sell the grocery store and after vacationing in Europe for a few years he moved back to Kitchener where he wounded up driving a taxi for several years. With his skills at commercial driving he then went on to work for Tow Truck Kitchener where he still resides today, helping locals with emergency roadside assistance. So far, he claims it’s the best job he’s every had and he’s always very happy and content whenever we email or talk over the phone.

best friends

I haven’t seen Ralph in many years, I think over 6 years, so I’m happy to see him and I can tell how happy he is to see me because he already showed me a picture of the flowers and wine he’s bringing. He’s on his way right now, should be here in a few days. It’s a long drive from Kitchener but I’m trying to be patient. My oldest kid will have to pick up my slack on the ranch while Ralph and I are enjoying our time together, and I have a feeling once our visit is over and I’m back from Saskatoon that I’ll be very, very eager to get back to work. I usually hate leaving work for too long, but I don’t only deserve it I also need the time away.

So, things are looking up for me and I hope you enjoyed reading my little story as much as I enjoyed kicking back and writing it. Now I need to put more logs in the fire so I’ll end it here. Thanks for checking in! I hope your Sunday was nice.

A Friend Plans to Visit from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada