Welcome to the blog that’s all about the ranch life. What can you expect to find here? Good question. We talk about everything from seeing the sunset on the ranch to working in the rain on the ranch and writing poetry by the fire place. We think the ranch life is too realistic so we romanticize and poeticize whenever we can, to make the ranch life seem more beautiful than it is. But then we contrast that by sharing grim stories, or going down to earth with talk of farm animals and the best ways to handle them.

We love the ranch life and this blog is more so for other people who live on ranches but even more so for city dwellers who would like to learn more of what the ranch life is about. “What is working with animals that you know you’re going to slaughter like?” Those are the kind of questions we like to ask some days, and other days we’ll ask “What is the best kind of tea to drink when enjoying the moon on your patio?”

So welcome to our blog and get warm because the winter’s tough and we got a lot of work to do.