Why Organic Beef is Better than GMOs

If you’re looking for a healthy source of protein, some argue that GMO beef can do the trick but I have a reason why you should pay the extra dollar for real, organic beef. As a beef grower I take good care of my cows, and love, I believe, and scientists agree, goes deep into every cell of the beef you are eating. A lot of GMO cows are fed bad chemicals that go into the meat, replacing my love with traces of poison that could add up into your own cells over a lifetime.

organic beef vs GMO beef

After all, GMO is so new that we don’t really know the long term effects yet, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. You could say this about many things, but I honestly fear what the long-term effects of GMO foods might have, especially for our children who grow up eating them in their baby food. GMOs are modified cells that in turn modify our bodies and our digestive system when we eat them.

I guess my strongest argument here is that we know organic beef is safe because people have been eating it for thousands of years, but we’re not yet sure if GMO beef is safe, so taking the risk is up to you. My hope after all this is that GMO beef is safe and that there’s nothing to worry about. But we won’t know this until we have a few generations of people that come and go without harmful effects. Good luck out there!

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On the Road to Saskatoon!


So today the journey began and here I am staying the first night in a hotel on the road. The reason I’m sharing this now is because I may not have time to blog a lot in the near future, so just letting you know not to wait up for me until mid November, 2019, although don’t be surprised if I find the time to make a post, most likely to talk about how my trip is going.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about then you haven’t read this post yet. I talked about my trip to Saskatoon earlier and what that entails.

So wish me safe travels and we’ll talk again soon! Bye for now.

A Friend Plans to Visit from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Upon feeling like writing after my long, happy day off work, which I just made a post about, I thought, “Hmmm, what should I write about now?” Then I was like, “I know! My tow truck driving friend plans to visit from Kitchener, ON, CA soon and I want to make this post like a post card for him, welcoming him over.”

Now, I can talk about all the things I’m excited to do with him, and he can read the list and tell me what he agrees to. I know he drives a tow truck full time so he probably won’t want to do much driving. I also know he has yet to learn how to ride a horse so maybe I could teach him the ropes, or the reins I should say!

friend visits from kitchener on

So, here’s to you, Ralph! Cheers, and let me know if any of these things sound fun to you, because, after all, we’ll have a few weeks together.

  1. Learn how to ride a horse and maybe go on a trip through the country.
  2. Tour the local villages and hit up all the garage sails (I’ll drive, of course).
  3. Go golfing.
  4. Play frisbee with the kids.
  5. Decorate for Halloween.
  6. Go fishing.
  7. Visit the theater and watch a live play, or maybe opera!

Maybe he could also make a list and I can choose what sounds fun. Either way, I’ll have to make an update post for how our time together was. He’ll be leaving right before I head off to the Saskatoon rodeo.

More About My Friend Ralph…

Ralph is my age, and we were friends ever since elementary school. I don’t know if I ever shared this but I had a few bullies in elementary school and Ralph was the one who protected me and got the bullies to leave me alone. I remember after high school graduation I was so sad to see him move away, but he left to continue his father’s business operating a small grocery store in Kitchener, ON, CA. Later in life he decided to sell the grocery store and after vacationing in Europe for a few years he moved back to Kitchener where he wounded up driving a taxi for several years. With his skills at commercial driving he then went on to work for Tow Truck Kitchener where he still resides today, helping locals with emergency roadside assistance. So far, he claims it’s the best job he’s every had and he’s always very happy and content whenever we email or talk over the phone.

best friends

I haven’t seen Ralph in many years, I think over 6 years, so I’m happy to see him and I can tell how happy he is to see me because he already showed me a picture of the flowers and wine he’s bringing. He’s on his way right now, should be here in a few days. It’s a long drive from Kitchener but I’m trying to be patient. My oldest kid will have to pick up my slack on the ranch while Ralph and I are enjoying our time together, and I have a feeling once our visit is over and I’m back from Saskatoon that I’ll be very, very eager to get back to work. I usually hate leaving work for too long, but I don’t only deserve it I also need the time away.

So, things are looking up for me and I hope you enjoyed reading my little story as much as I enjoyed kicking back and writing it. Now I need to put more logs in the fire so I’ll end it here. Thanks for checking in! I hope your Sunday was nice.

A Day Off On The Ranch

Today was a beautiful Sunday and I enjoyed a day of solitude. It was a day off on the ranch, and now as I kick my feet up by the fire I feel like sharing how awesome my day was. I managed to do a lot in the time I had after sleeping in. I’ve been really wanting to sleep in after working hard all week with little time to myself. So here’s what I did today!

  1. Read a book with tea over breakfast.
  2. Rode a horse through the woods.
  3. Fed the birds by the creek.
  4. Took the dogs for a walk.
  5. Worked on a painting I’ve been working on for 6 years.
  6. Read my grandma’s old poem.
  7. Helped the neighbor out with a jump start for his car.
  8. Drove into town for a fancy dinner where I read more of my book.
  9. Chopped firewood.
  10. Now I’m here relaxing writing this!

It feels like it’s been years since I’ve had a nice day off from work like today. Now I still have time to do some more fun stuff, and I’m thinking about writing another blog post so stay tuned!

Towing Our Horses To Saskatoon for a Rodeo

saskatoon sk
ranch life

We have one of the largest horse trailers in town for our ranch, because we’re old school in the sense that we still use horses for lots of menial tasks like visiting the market and farming. Upcoming in 2020 we’re invited to a private rodeo in a country house club because our breeds of horses are well known among certain online communities where we post pictures. Today we want to talk about how excited we are about this upcoming rodeo because we want to show off what quality rearing can do to make strong, healthy horses.

We’ve decided that instead of using our own truck which is kind of outdated we’re going to hire professional long distance towing to let our horse trailer reach Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada and we’ll be driving right behind it in our family van. If you’re interested in attending this rodeo, it’s invite only but we might be able to work something out so please get in touch with us via email for details. Just a warning though the entry fee is rather hefty, and it lasts for a week. Big names from Europe will be there.

Why Choose Towing for the Saskatoon Trip?

Like we said, our truck is rather outdated because we use horses for most things and we don’t want it to overheat on the road after hauling the horse trailer for too long. We already assumed that there’s a good chance we’ll need to hire towing services once we’re close to Saskatoon so we decided to do the whole trip in a tow truck, choosing a company a good friend recommended from the area. The price is hefty, but the money we’ll be getting paid for featuring our horses in the rodeo will pay it off many times over so we can’t complain.

saskatoon rodeo horse
strong, healthy horse reared by pros

So that’s why we’re using a Saskatoon towing company. They agreed to drive out to us if we pay them in advance, otherwise if we used a towing company closer to our home they’d have to drive all the way back here after and we plan to sell a lot of the horses while we’re in Saskatoon so we hopefully won’t need towing services on the way back. Renting a truck might do for the return trip. For the trip there, our horse trailer is also super large so we need a heavy duty tow truck which our local hometown doesn’t have much of at affordable rates.

Overall, the family is super excited and we scheduled to take just over a month away from work so the whole family can come. I literally can’t wait, which is part of the reason why I’m sharing all this with you today. I spent so much time thinking this all over and now the plans are finally in place after much stress. Well, the stress is gone now and there’s nothing left but to realize our dreams. Selling horses can be a lucrative trade and honestly we’re sad to see them go but they’ll have good homes where they’ll be put to good use and our efforts in rearing them won’t go in vain. We have way too many horses on our ranch to use them all and so they might be happier being of service to loving owners.

Thanks for being interested in our little adventure and don’t forget to get in touch if you want to try and go to the private rodeo. The country club house that’s hosting it is very private so you probably won’t hear about this in much sources. If you live in Saskatoon and know what I’m talking about, we look forward to meeting you there!

From the whole family, God bless and stay healthy!

Ranch Poem #2: “Morning Birdsong”

The lovers write of morning birds

Songs sung to make the day

Pleasant. A reader’s heart comfirms

The lovely sound of birds at play.

Life on the farm thus portrayed

With morning sounds so pleasant

But what reality arrayed

In truth is rather different.

The morning birdsong on my ranch

Is too loud for my ears to hear

The songs that birds sing on the branch.

All I hear is rattling gear,

Crying kids and cows mooing.

I hear tractors, angry men and water,

Rotten curses and grandpa pooing.

Indeed, the thuds of grandma’s walker

And everything unsweet in sound

Is the birdsong on my ranch. My alarm

But if I close my eyes and pound

My ears full cotton,

I can imagine the poet’s descriptive farm,

The birdsong my ranch is wanting.

What Quality Beef Means to Us

Quality beef to us has little to do with taste and texture per se, but rather how the beef is grown. Many people who don’t specialize in growing beef attribute flavor with salt more than the beef itself anyways, and I’ve heard people say McDonald’s beef is good… so where do we begin?

There are articles on beef you can read, like this one, and we just want to talk about our opinion, nothing scientific. For us at Top of the Mountain Beef, we enjoy a meat that’s been grown with love from a happy cow that lived a full life. We can almost taste the happiness when the cow died happy. And we like it that way. Now don’t get us wrong, we believe humans were made to eat meat but that doesn’t mean we condone the evil practices of non-organic meat distributors.

The easiest way to explain things is just to invite you to go to your local organic butcher, if your city or town has one, and try a portion of organic meat grown without chemicals. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

Taking Trips to the City on a Horse

When living on a ranch and farm in the countryside, there’s nothing quite like visiting the city every once in a while to take a break from the mundane. Sometimes I crave the city life but after a weekend in the city the craving goes away and I find my time on the ranch way better, until a few months later when the cycle restarts.

ranch life

I just wanted to talk about my love for riding a horse to the city. People say the most lovely things when I ride my horse on the side of the highway because their not used to seeing it. Indeed, city folks can’t even imagine the ranch life realistically, which is why this blog serves as a resource to teach city folks about life on the ranch.

My favorite thing about arriving at the city on my horse is all the looks people give me. It’s like they’ve never seen a horse before, and children jump up and down and point at me. Each time I go it gets harder and harder to find a stable for my horse so it’s a good thing I have a few friends with stables in the suburbs to keep my horse well watered and fed while I’m window shopping downtown.

It’s sad, but I believe in the future it’ll be so rare to see people riding horses in public that we’ll be considered freaks or something. People who don’t know better think keeping a horse is super expensive, but in reality it’s actually cheaper than using a truck. No joke! Training the horse is something you can do on your own and it’s fun once you know how, and horse food is cheaper than car insurance and gas. Maybe I’m wrong and more people will realize the benefits of horse transportation and urban people in the future will use more horses than we do today. That’s my hope!

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A Poem My Grandma Wrote and Had Framed in the Family Den

Hello folks, we’d like to kick off the new revamping of our family blog with a dedication to late grandma Kimberly. God bless her soul, she was a powerful woman who loved the ranch life more than any other person on this planet. Here’s a poem she wrote in 1969. We still have it framed in the den next to her 1980s wedding photos. Show grandma Kimberly some love and share this poem with your friends, folks!


Ranch Life by Mrs Kimberly

“The birds sing of the ranch life

of the farmer and his ranch wife.

Singing through the treetops

as Larry reaps the last crops.

His wife milks the cows away

in the barn humming away,

a tune about the ranch life,

of being Larry’s ranch wife.

It’s a life she dreamed of,

a life fit for no dove.

No lady with supple skin

makes a basket of a rusty bin,

but Larry’s tough ranch wife.

She loves the tough ranch life.”